About Marketing Arts Group

As the name suggests, we create impactful, and highly engaging imagery and content for marketing.

We have a long history of experience in the advertising industry and have been creating marketing content for over thirty years.
Businesses who have used our work include:

Although we don't use the word "expert" lightly, we are, in fact, experts in creating all kinds of visual content for business and marketing.  Please look at our site and imagine what we can do for your business.

kbKyle Gruba

Kyle is the 3D genius behind the complex, inner workings of visual technology. His knowledge of 3D is at an expert level as he is the author of the C4Depot Infinite products, including Infinite Ocean, a top seller in the Cinema 4D community.  Kyle has been a digital artist since his teens and has always been creating in a 3D environment. You can e-mail Kyle by clicking on his name.


James Steidl

James has been a graphic designer and photographer for over 30 years and has over a decade of experience in 3D modeling, web development, planning and marketing.  James Steidl has ranked among the top 30 most downloaded photographers in the world with over one million downloads.  Clients who have purchased James Steidl’s work include: Disney Studios, Universal Studios, 60 Minutes, The HIstory Channel, CNN, MetLife, Monster.com, The Hammond World Atlas (cover) Popular Science and over one million others.

The 3D illustrations on his site are the work of James Steidl and his talented associate Kyle Gruba

For over 25 years, James Steidl has has also created acclaimed branding, packaging and advertising for numerous international accounts. An expert designer as well as an accomplished illustrator, writer and photographer, James has earned kudos for his work and was featured in the premiere issue of Create Magazine for his packaging design with Spa Sciences, and has appeared as the featured photographer on several stock photography sites and is one of the few Black Diamond contributors on istockphoto.com with over 200,000 image sales.

  • Disney Studios
  • Universal Studios
  • Geico
  • Met Life
  • CNN
  • The New York Times
  • 60 Minutes
  • The History Channel
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • Popular Science
  • Over half a million others



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